Single Platform

Of particular importance in relational data management is the ability to correlate any two or more data points within the system.  OERCA was designed from the ground up with this aspect in mind.  As such, all data management systems and disciplines are fully integrated and contained on the same integrated platform.

Raw data is stored within Microsoft SQL database tables.  This allows OERCA programmers to design almost any conceivable tool to retrieve, analyze, compare and/or correlate any and all data across the entire system without the necessity of a single external interface to a third-party system.  Queries and analytics happen in micro-seconds.

Veterinary, training, water quality, maintenance, management, employee performance stats, LSS, aquarium, hoof stock and many more areas of data management are all contained within the same platform. 

Want to compare the learning rate on a recall behavior between a giraffe and a killer whale? OERCA can do that.  Interested in water quality seasonal trends between diverse geographic locations?  OERCA can do that too.  What was an animal’s average rating over the period of a blood analysis?  No problem. 

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