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Marine Mammal Configuration

Specialized tools for marine mammal care including individual behavior records, weights, measurements, temperatures and much more.

Terrestrial Animal Configuration

Specialized tools for management of terrestrial animals allowing for both individual as well as group record management.

Aquarium Configuration

Specialized tools to manage fish species, including comprehensive census management features.

Aviculture Configuration 

Specialized tools for management of bird species.

Includes Future Feature Pack Updates

All upgrades to the OERCA system are made available for the life of your subscription.



Defined User Groups/Roles

Numerous User Permissions not only enhance system security, but also focus the appropriate features for each permission group.

User Activity Tracking

Create full audit of the system to track the activity of Users.

Company/Facility/Areas Configuration

Information and access can be customized and organized by company, facility and areas.

User-Defined preferences system-wide

Each user can have custom preferences enhancing overall user experience.

Mobile Accessibility

OERCA's web-based program can be utilized from any mobile device with Internet access and a web browser.


Daily Operational Recording   

Session Records

Clean and simple forms make it easy to input behavior and feed records.

Incident Tracking

Track, customize and send alerts regarding recorded incidents with your animal population.

Event Tracking

Track any type of event(s) that may have an impact on operations.

Observation Records

Record a variety of observations for your animal population.

Animal Profiles

Each individual animal will have their own profile with all relevant information such as acquisition, disposition, critical dates, IDs and more.

Animal Repertoire Tracking

Keep track of each animal's behavioral repertoire.

Animal Event Scheduling

Schedule any animal event so all Users can be notified and stay current with the system calendar.

Staff Event Scheduling

Create staff schedules from within the OERCA calendar.

Freezer/Cooler Logs

Record and track all temperatures for freezers, coolers and exhibits.

Water Quality (automated import)

Auto import and manual entry available for recording and analysis of water quality results.

Daily Food Breakout

Record daily breakout to keep accurate inventory and track any waste.


Standardized forms complete with graphics allow for easy recording of a wide variety of measurements.


Easy input and analysis of animal weights.


Record,track and archive non-emergency notes about your animal population.

Collection Census Tools

Census tools track and report all receipts, transfers and removals of collection animals such as fish; keeping an accurate inventory of large animal groups.

Social Group/Location Tracking

Keep a record of animal placement and social groupings.

GPS/Geo-location Tool 

GPS stamp location for field research projects.

Added Nursing Tracking tools

Record and analyze nursing behavior for neonates.


Nutritional Management   

Nutritional Plans

Prescribe individual and/or a collection's dietary nutritional plans. Built in calculator allows for easy adjustment and review of dietary status.

Critical Care Management Tools

Specialized tools can track and alert management on critical metrics such as body temperatures, respirations, body weights and more.

Neonate Development Tools 

Monitor important milestones and behavior such as nursing trends.

Neonate Formula Creation & Analysis 

Record and adjust specialized formula recipes for neonates.


Medical Data & Analysis   

Physical Exam Records

Custom forms can record complete physical exam records.

Treatment Planning

Prescribe special treatments and record Clinical Notes.

Blood Data (automated import)

Manually and/or auto import a facility's blood results.

Urineology (automated import)

Manually and/or auto import a facility's lab results.

Microbiology (automated import) 

Manually and/or auto import a facility's microbiology results.

User-Configured Analysis of lab data

Customize unlimited "profiles" for reviewing lab results.

Data Graphing Tools

Interactive graphs allow for easy visualization of lab results.

Expanded data analysis tools

Robust report and analysis center offer numerous ways to analyze important information.

Increased functionality with third-party devices

OERCA regularly integrates with 3rhd party devices such as sonograms, photo & video recording devices, streaming of uploaded video, audio recordings and more.

New: Animal Health Record (AHR) 

AHR allows veterinarians and managers to view an individual animals complete life history in one comprehensive tool.


Facility Management   

Employee Profiles

Maintain important employment information about your team members.

Employee Performance Statistics & Analysis 

Track employee statistics to assist with evaluations.

Food Inventory Management

Track both off-site and on-site food inventory for your entire collection.

Area Husbandry Reminders

Important operational events will send reminders to designated personnel.

Automated Husbandry Reminders 

Important husbandry calendar events will send reminders to designated personnel.

User Messaging

Communicate within OERCA by sending internal messages to groups or individuals.

Priority Notice

Report critical animal events to key personnel instantly and simultaneously.

Customized SOP Reference & Library

Create and/or upload all critical SOP's for easy access and review.

Customized Operational Checklists/Inspections List

Create customized operational checklists that standardize important processes and can alert managers immediately if something is missed or falls outside of a prescribed range.


Analysis Center   

Session Allocation Charts

See at a glance the breakdown of each session type for any given time period and how you allocate time and primary reinforcement to those various session types.

Incident Tracking & Analysis

Record custom metrics on any type of incidents you want to track. Management can receive automated alerts each time an incident is entered into the system.

Learning Rate Tracking

Develop custom approximation pyramids, and track the learning rate of new behaviors.

Weight Trends

Quickly identify body weight trends via adjustable line graphs.

Morphometric Trends

Track measurements and easily compare to body weight and intake.

Nutritional Comparisons

Review important intake information for both individuals and collections.

Interaction Analysis

Quickly see how much interaction time individuals have and a breakdown of each type of session.

Central Dashboard

Managers can get a complete overview of where each animal stands regarding intake, session ratings and administered therapy plans.

Species Averages (from aggregated data) 

See how your population compares to the aggregate species information within the OERCA system.


Reporting¬†(preset e-mail or printable reports)   

Daily Summaries

Produce summary reports for an individual animal over a certain time period, of a collection of animals for any given day.

Facility Summaries

Create various facility reports for temperature logs, food inventory, breakout, animal profiles and much more.

USDA Records Pack (Agency Report)

Customized agency reports allow managers to quickly produce required documentation for government agencies.

Animal Profiles

Animal profiles keep a permanent and detailed record of your animal population.

Animal Repertoire

Report on any given animal's behavioral repertoire.

Medical Data 

Produce customized medical reports.

Physical Exam Reports

Create full physical exam reports based on customized exam forms.

Treatment Plan Reports

Produce reports that document all treatment plans for any of your animal population.

Temperature Logs

Reports all recorded temperatures for refrigerators and freezers.

Food Inventory Reports

Produce both off-site and on-site food inventory reports.


Automated Messaging   

Priority Notice

Emergency/High priority communication tool designed to disseminate critical information to a group of caregivers and/or managers simultaneously and immediately.

Daily Summaries (Mammal & Aquarium)

Provides at-a-glance daily metrics on Mean Interaction Times, Session variety, Nutritional information and more.

Daily Documents Uploaded

Receive automated alert of any uploads to Media & Documents repository.

Lab Notices

Be notified of important lab results, including required tests that have been missed.

Inspection List Notice

Receive automated alerts for inspection list results that are missing or out of a prescribed range.

Food Inventory Reorder Notices

Be notified when food lots are running low.

Prescription Notice

Be notified when important prescriptions are not administered.

Aquarium: Unusual Mortality Events

Receive automated alerts when aquarium fish are undergoing unusual mortality events.

Mammal: Unusual Body Temperature Alert

Receive automated alerts when body temperatures are recorded outside of prescribed ranges.

Respiration Trends and Omissions

Notice for unusual respiration trend or omission.

Water Quality Range Alerts

Provides notice if water quality test results are out of a prescribed range.


Integrated control of iPad native tools   

(video chat, camera, Bluetooth, audio recording)



Network Resource   

Access to OERCA community message board 

As part of OERCA's Support System, you have full access to our comprehensive Knowledge Base and our Community Message Board.


= Feature will be released in 2016

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