Rapid Application Development & Deployment

Today, almost every programmer or developer claims “Rapid Application Development & Deployment.” Why is this? Because “delivering the goods” accurately and rapidly is one of the few means to establish a competitive advantage in a market saturated with application development vendors. More and more, the ease at which applications can be developed and deployed to market has become more important than quality or functionality provided to the end-users.

What happens when you give a winning race team the fastest and most effective car on the track?

Alpha Software provides the RAD (Rapid Application Development) platform for OERCA. Alpha Five “genetics” deliver the technology and the scalability that give birth to OERCA’s Olympic class capabilities. This highly unique development platform has become an unparalleled “game changer” in the modern world of mobile application development. Alpha Software’s “Alpha Anywhere” platform utilizes the most cutting edge modern technology enabling the OERCA Development Team to quickly deliver clean, complex and custom applications through our network to Customer’s browsers.

Although rapid development is not OERCA’s only competitive advantage by far, we would challenge any application developer to match our speed, stability, response time and intuitive design of complete zoological data integration. 

rapid deployment