OERCA's Priority Notice System
Communicates Important Information Fast

OERCA is every bit as much a communication tool as as it is an electronic record keeping system. In this regard, OERCA has numerous tools that bring information directly to those who need it; and without having to waste time looking for it.

OERCA's Priority Notice is is one of the system's most popular features; and is a rapid team communication tool designed to alert designated staff in the event of an urgent care need.

Using the Priority Notice is simple and quick. Just press a button to open the tool, fill out the form (shown to the right) with just a few mouse clicks (or touches on an iPad) and hit submit. The information is then sent immediately to designated recipients.

With just a few quick touches, Users can broadcast important animal related issues instantly and simultaneously. Priority notices are received by email, text or both.

OERCA's Priority Notice form makes communicating critical informaiton easy and efficient; broadcasting information instantly and simultaneously.