OERCA Untethered
Keep Working Even Without an Internet Connection

The advantages of web based technology are immense; but one question always comes up...

"What happens if I lose my Internet connection?"

This has been a source of frustration and an insurmountable obstacle for all web based applications. That is until now.

Thanks to OERCA's strategic partnership with Alpha Software, this once aggravating hindrance is now a competitive advantage. With Alpha's new "Alpha Anywhere" technology, OERCA will be able to offer Users the ability to continue using OERCA's powerful record management tools even if you lose Internet connection!

We won't bore you with all the technical jargon...but essentially OERCA will be able to store the required files on your local machine until your connection is re-established. At that point they will then be transferred to our secure servers for safe keeping.

No need to fret anymore if you are hesitant because of a shaky Internet connection. Once again, OERCA has you covered!