Automatically Record and Monitor Your Temperatures!

temperature sensor

WiFi Sealed Temperature Transmitter

OERCA's wireless temperature transmitter will offer your facility around the clock protection for all its critical assets. Whether it's a bio-freezer, fish cooler or animal exhibit, you can now record and monitor your most important temperature logs automatically!

With this powerful tool, manually taking and recording temperature logs is a thing of the past! Now you can install our new Temperature Sensors and leave the rest to OERCA. These web-enabled sensors will communicate with OERCA and automatically record your required temperature readings. What's more, they also provide the OERCA Communications System with tireless monitoring that protects valuable assets like food inventory, lab samples, exhibit environments and more! You have full control of log intervals, temperature ranges and configuring system alerts...all from within the OERCA system.

Key Features

  • Records temperatures directly into OERCA
  • Receive instant alerts when temperatures exceed range settings
  • 10K Internal Thermistor Temperature Sensor
  • Configure and manage all settings from within OERCA
  • Temperatures sampled every 15 seconds
  • Programmable log rates (4 minutes to 1 hour)
  • FCC, CE, and IC Class B compliant