Our Philosophy is Simple

Our Mission

At OERCA our mission is to create the most comprehensive suite of information management tools available for animal welfare professionals. A beautifully simple end-user design; we work tirelessly to create an intuitive user interface. After all, it’s not only important to have relevant and accurate data, it’s equally as important to have access to that data in real-time. To achieve this, we focus on three core areas in the design process:

  1. Design Congruency. Proper organization of tools/features.
  2. Simplicity. If we do our job well, users will seldom need to reference OERCA’s extensive Knowledge Base.
  3. Constant Improvement. We’re never satisfied – even after a tool has functioned flawlessly over time. We’re always looking for new ways and new technology to make OERCA even better.

Howdy Partner

At the core of OERCA’s “DNA” lies a distinguishing factor: How we view and interact with our customers.

Most software and application providers consult with target groups, technology advisors and only their largest customers in the conceptual development process. Getting tools into the hands of end-users is typically a very lengthy process. At OERCA, we’ve found that getting new feature components to our end-users rapidly provides significant benefits:

  1. Needed tools and features become available much more quickly
  2. End-users can provide immediate feedback and offer input for continuing refinement
  3. No data is lost in the collaborative process
  4. Subscribers with diverse needs contribute to a more well-rounded end product
  5. Partners get what they want, not what we think they want

Typical Application Deployment Process


OERCA's Partner Process

Join the OERCA Partnership circle and begin contributing to the most advanced and user-friendly animal welfare application on the market.