OERCA is mobile. The benefits of web-based applications
using today’s proven technology, include:

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OERCA’s security is robust and multi-tiered incorporating many of today’s available encryption and policy protocols. See our Security Features page for more detailed information.

Low-Cost Deployment   

In traditional setups, applications are installed on every computer in a network. Whenever a new computer is added or after a hard disk has failed, a system administrator must go through numerous steps to fix that machine or install applications. OERCA does not require any maintenance at the user-level. Simply connect through any Internet connected device and log-in.

Reduce Printing Costs/Time   

When users can share reports and information electronically and immediately simply by logging into OERCA, there is no need to spend time or money printing lengthy reports. Everything is right within OERCA whenever you need it, wherever you need it.

Minimal Training Required   

Users are presented with a very familiar user-interface whether accessing OERCA through Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or on iPad or iPhone. Forms and data entry & analysis are simplified and self-explanatory.

Rapid Set-Up   

Most new client companies can be configured in OERCA and ready to start using the system within a day. OERCA is capable of rapid modification and deployment even when customization is required.

Worry-Free Maintenance   

OERCA’s cloud-based server environment is maintained and backed up continuously by the best in the business, with a 99.99% uptime rating. As if that’s not enough, data is duplicated and backed up at alternate off-site storage facilities in multiple geographic locations.

Live Interface Updates   

OERCA system updates and added feature packs are live, i.e. changes experienced at the user-level are immediate.


With today’s 4G LTE cellular data technology, there’s almost nowhere OERCA can’t go.

Unlimited Users   

By nature, web-based applications are unbound. In other words, once a page is loaded, the interface connection is minimal and can therefore manage far more concurrent users than traditional desktop applications.

easy web access OERCA shown here on iPad; protected
by LifeProof iPad Case