Keep A "Searchable" Record Of Non-Emergency Items

Many organizations within the marine life field establish some form of notebook or record keeping system to document non-emergency animal and environmental issues or events. OERCA's Hot Sheet feature is designed specifically for this purpose: a broad-spectrum tool or catchall for communicating and archiving non-emergency, non-critical changes in environment, animal physiology and/or animal behavior.

Filling out a Hot Sheet is easy. Just open the Hot Sheet form, select the animal to be reported and fill in a few basic fields including comments relevant to the notice. OERCA’s Hot Sheet tool also allows Users to attach media including images, video and documents. This way veterinarians and managers can literally see what was reported in the Hot Sheet from any location they log in.

When a new Hot Sheet record is made, an alert icon will appear on the Hot Sheet review tool in the Main Menu of the system. This indicates there is a new record entry that has not been read.

When this "review" tool is opened, a listing of all records will be displayed. Colored dots make it easy to know which records have already been read. You can also see at a glance which Managers and Vets have reviewed each record.

All records are archived and can be easily searched by animal, date or even words/phrases in a comment; making finding historical information simple and quick.

The Hot Sheet record is easy to fill out and allows Users to attach media that will be archived along with the Hot Sheet information.

All Hot Sheets are archived and easy to search. Colored indicators show at a glance which records have already been reviewed.