Record and track everything
from freezer logs to food inventory

OERCA is much more than just a compilation of animal statistics. Although OERCA was initially designed to record and follow animal information, it naturally grew out of necessity to accommodate other important tracking capabilities.

The result: OERCA is a full spectrum facility management system capable of tracking important and required (USDA) facility records. Examples include refrigeration/freezer logs, water quality reports and area husbandry schedules. OERCA also tracks important operational data such as food inventory, staff scheduling, event scheduling and moreā€¦

OERCA Phase II build (already in development) will host a number of additional features such as IACUC compliance (Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee), NOAA permitting tools (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration) and rescue and research tracking and analysis with geo-locating and GPS positioning data at the touch of a button. See our "Coming Soon" section for a description of additional innovative tools/features being added.

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OERCA is designed to easily record:

  • Receipt of food inventories, including nutritional information
  • Food breakout; tailored for each facility or areas within that facility
  • Animal inventory for government reporting
  • Refrigeration/freezer logs
  • Water quality reports
  • Maintenance schedules
  • Staff, animal, show and special event scheduling


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