OERCA makes reporting easy...saving time and money.

OERCA was designed to make record entry easy for the user so that relevant data is accessible in a timely fashion and decision making based on up-to-date information. Many standard reports are pre-designed, instantly compiling information from user-defined inputs like date ranges, summary level data and detailed level reports.

OERCA includes the ability to set up automatic reporting and alerts to managers and key personnel containing valuable real-time data. OERCA also provides the convenience of generating tailored reports to satisfy such things as APHIS inspections and annual Marine Mammal Inventory reporting.

Because of OERCA's ability to run on almost any device, it can go wherever you go; allowing managers and veterinary personnel access to information in real-time, reducing delays in distributing lab results, animal stats, food inventory management and much more. OERCA's mobile convenience also eliminates delays in record entry or errors often associated with transferring data from one medium to another.

OERCA saves time…in the world of zoological management, time is not just money: it can also make the difference in quality of care and the accuracy of key decisions that directly affect an animal’s life.

Sample: Lab Analysis Graphs

Lab data analysis consist of dynamic, customizable graphs based on User-created "Profiles." Users can create as many profiles as desired to organize lab results by diagnosed condition or individual personal preferences for the grouping and display of data. Results shown here are one of many configurations available within the Health Management operations menu.

OERCA mobile