Electronic Medical Records

A tremendous amount of attention was given to the way in which OERCA collects and retrieves vital medical information.

Like the daily animal records, OERCA was designed to allow for easy input combined with quick and relevant output. OERCA will allow third-party labs to directly upload lab results to OERCA, making vital metrics immediately accessible to designated user-groups across entire institutions at the speed of light.

Blood chemistries, medication regimens, morphometics, cultures and other diagnostic information can all be collected and reviewed against historical trends, value ranges and date ranges. OERCA's new Animal Health Record is a powerful and sophisticate feature that allows veterinarians to review all recorded information for an individual animal all in once place; with easy 1-click access to every analysis and management tool.

Caregivers and front-line staff have the capability to alert managers and veterinarians immediately and simultaneously via OERCA’s Priority Notice. Priority Notice is an automated system messaging tool that communicates high priority information in real-time allowing managers and veterinary staff to respond to specialized care through timely and accurate information sharing.

*Click on the below image to view screenshots for some of our medical analysis tools.

Medical highlights include:

  • OERCA's exclusive Animal Health Record
  • Hematology, cytology, microbiology and urinology data analysis
  • Automated import/upload from a variety of lab analyzers/equipment
  • Immediate feedback and comparative data with individual history and population baselines
  • Clinical guides on CRC indicators
  • Recommended dosage information specific to each marine mammal species
  • Automatic report generation and email notifications, tailored for the needs of each facility and individual
veterinary applications