Enter all your records...
Wherever and Whenever!

OERCA was designed by front line animal professionals to satisfy their own needs for immediate data feedback while working in the field.

The two primary goals originally conceived in the development of OERCA were straightforward:

  1. Create an ultra easy method for recording daily animal records so caregivers' time is free for other priorities.

    This is not only accomplished through an efficient method of entering data, but also with a system that enables record collection to be done on-the-fly and in-the-field; thus eliminating the practice of writing up multiple records to cover large chunks of the day. This aspect alone greatly improves accuracy of information while also improving time management.
  2. Allow for immediate and usable feedback from collected data.

    The developers of OERCA found themselves sifting through illegible paperwork, complex excel spreadsheets, and even desktop-bound databases trying to find and build relevant queries of information that had been collected. Much time was wasted and the results were often too late to make any useful decisions in day-to-day operations. OERCA solves this problem with at-a-glance charts and gauges updating the most critical data points in real-time.

*Click on the image above to view screenshots for some of our Animal Records tools.

OERCA is designed to easily input:

  1. Daily Session Records
  2. Food Intake
  3. Interaction Time and allocation of session types
  4. Administration of vitamins and medications
  5. Morphometrics and weight data
  6. Behavioral trends
  7. Veterinary exams and treatment plans
  8. Mobile image/media upload
  9. Medical data
  10. Animal and staff scheduling events
  11. ...And much more!