Check Out OERCA's All In One Communications Center

OERCA believes that whenever possible, information should come to you; and that you shouldn't have to spend valuable time searching for it. This is especially true of critical records that could have a significant impact on the care your animals receive.

With this in mind, OERCA has developed a robust communications center that allows managers and veterinarians to configure a wide variety of notices and alerts to be automatically sent to designated recipients. This gives Users full control over team communication within their facility.

The way it works is simple. Just open OERCA's Communications Center and select a team member from a list; then turn "on" any notices or alerts you want that team member to receive. You have the option of communicating the information via email, text...or both.

Communication is broken into two main categories: "Scheduled" notifications and "Instant" alerts. The difference is that scheduled notices will be sent at a set time determined by the User, while instant alerts are sent immediately when information is entered into the system.

Streamlining communication to this extent allows you to be informed of important events and make critical decisions in a timely manner. Not only does this save you time, but can save animal's lives.

The Communications Center has an intuitive interface making configuration of team communication as simple as turning "on" select notices and alerts.