Meeting the Demand

OERCA is pleased to announce the launch of its brand new Aquarium Management Module, which debuted in early June at one of the world’s largest aquariums. The demands on Aquarium data management have been complex and diverse; however OERCA has met the challenges and in many ways exceeded expectations. It is now managing all aspects of aquarium operations for over four thousand species of fish and a collection of over 20,000 individual animals!

Among the many useful tools available within the Aquarium module, OERCA Aquarium has the ability to:

  • Track Census Data   

  • OERCA’s census tool tracks all fish species and keeps numbers current for quick reporting.  New acquisitions, transfers and mortalities can all be recorded with a few clicks of a button; and OERCA’s mobile platform makes it possible to track information in the field on mobile devices.  Reporting is made easy with pre-formatted data sheets that can sort animal tallies by exhibits, species, transfers, mortalities, or entire facility.  System-wide alerts and notifications monitor Unusual Mortality Events based on User-defined parameters.  Daily notifications summarize activities from feeding to medical treatments and any changes to exhibit populations.
  • Manage Nutritional Plans   

  • As anyone who has ever worked in an aquarium knows, tracking nutritional or "feeding" plans for large populations of fish species can be tedious to say the least.  OERCA has simplified the process and can track feed records for individual animals, species, trophic groups, entire exhibits, or any combination thereof.  Aquarists can plan proposed feed times, assign customized preparation codes and container codes, and even record feed methods.  All caloric values are automatically populated based on food type/lot while inventory is simultaneously tracked.
  • Record Acclimation Procedures   

  • Perhaps one of the more exciting features of OERCA aquarium is its new acclimation tool.  This allows aquarists and veterinarians the ability to track all relevant information when introducing new animals to an exhibit.  Metrics such as length of acclimation time, water quality parameters, supplements/medications administered, historical conflicts/warnings and any other relevant comments.  This has proven to be a valuable tool in improving acclimation techniques and avoiding costly mistakes that can be easily prevented with quick retrieval of historical acclimation protocols..
  • Create Food Prep Summaries   

  • Based on the information recorded with nutritional plans, OERCA can sort the most complex feed records and produce concise and easy to follow breakout and feed plans with the touch of a button.  This information not only contains the amount and types of food; but also how that food should be prepared and any container specifications (if applicable).  Aquarists can sort information in numerous ways including feed plans for each exhibit/individual or collection, food preparation summaries and facility breakout requirements.
  • Create Customized Checklists    

  • OERCA allows users to create customized checklists for a variety of purposes; including exhibit inspections, open/close procedures, life support checklists and much more. Users can create unlimited lists and format answer fields for either open ended "comments" or pre-determined answers such as "yes/no" or drop-down lists. Every list can also be configured to send automatic alerts to designated recipients when User-defined parameters occur.
  • Track Food Inventories   

  • OERCA can track all your food inventories, both off-site and on-site, so managers can always be assured they have the necessary resources to meet their needs. Automatic alerts can be configured and customized, notifying key personnel when lots need to be transferred, or new stock needs to be ordered. Alerts can also be configured to notify managers when certain lots are close to expiration, allowing managers to prioritize food stock and prevent accidental use of expired inventory. This is all done automatically, saving time and money when it comes to managing inventory.

Take A Look For Yourself...

OERCA aquarium menu

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highlighting some of OERCA's Aquarium tools