OERCA Pricing

Weighing Your Options

We all know that time is money; and money is time. Both play an important role in the quality of a product, and can even affect your performance. But balancing time, money and quality doesn't have to be a "roll of the dice." OERCA was designed to give you the best of all three.

OERCA provides an easy to use interface, powerful communication tools, and rapid data analysis capabilities. This combination not only improves your ability to better manage animals in your care, but OERCA also saves an enormous amount of time...which directly translates to money.

Are you currently paying your highest salaried managers to sit behind a desk most of the day configuring spreadsheets for schedules, food intake, medical results, water quality reports and more? Do you spend days or even weeks preparing annual regulatory reports? How much does that lost time cost you each year? If added up, probably an entire salaried position at the very least. What if all that experience was spent on animals and staff instead of paperwork or reports?

OERCA is competitively priced when compared to any other animal data management system on the market. Better yet, OERCA exceeds the functionality of other systems offering integrated management of zoological operations, dive operations, resource center, personnel management and a full suite of medical features and functionality. How much would you pay for an animal record system, a medical record system, a facility management system, a water quality analysis system and an automated communication system?

So How Much?

OERCA is what is known as a Software as a Service (SaaS) product; and is licensed on a subscription basis and distributed to Users. No special software is required to use OERCA; only a computer with an Internet connection. What's more, all upgrades to the system are available instantaneously with no action necessary from the User. They just happen. The fact that OERCA is web-based has numerous benefits to the end user!

OERCA's subscription rates are based on the number of distinct Users (which are segregated in Tiered Groups). Depending on which Tier an organization chooses, rates typically run between $30-35 per user per month.

We do offer a variety of discounts for members of industry organizations, first year subscriptions and also prepayment of the annual subscription. Getting a price quote for your organization is easy. Simply contact us and let us know how many users you anticipate, and we will provide a timely and accurate quote to you.

It is always best to view the system first hand though so you can experience the powerful tools that will be at your disposal. It is our pleasure to provide free demonstrations at your convenience. Simply fill out our Demonstration Form, and we will contact you to set up a time that is suitable for you or your team.