OERCA is a "roll-up-your sleeves"
Mobile and Field Application.

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OERCA is conceived, led and guided by a diverse group of experts that include marine zoological professionals, a select few of the industry’s top application developers and our partners at Alpha Software, ZebraHost and Softlayer. The zoological ranks within OERCA drive the concept architecture and aesthetic design of the OERCA system, while our remarkable programming, development and network team make every dream possible from behind the scenes. It is the culmination of these talents and strategic partnerships that set OERCA apart from any other data management system ever conceived for the marine mammal and zoological community.  


OERCA is not just “our” ideas about zoological data management. In the last 12 years of OERCA’s evolution and development; we have consulted with dozens of highly respected veterinarians, scores of experts in the zoological field, researched other systems and pursued every OERCA User relentlessly for continual improvement. It is this knowledge, experience, skill and commitment that will continue to allow OERCA to break new barriers. We’ve only begun to skim the surface of the data mining capabilities in the field of zoological management, field research, rescue and rehabilitation.

Built From Necessity

OERCA is a cutting edge record management application for zoological institutions, rescue centers and field operations. This comprehensive system is the product of over ten years of intensive development driven through hands-on work and real life application in the field.  


OERCA was developed out of necessity from the ground up by marine zoological professionals, behaviorists and front line animal managers. It was not adapted from other database systems; OERCA was built from scratch for one purpose: to cover the specialized information needs in the marine mammal community from field operations to daily zoological management.


The result is a comprehensive, but easy-to-use animal management system that truly impacts the way organizations make informed decisions.  

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With vital real-time metrics at your fingertips, OERCA changes the way organizations and individuals think about holistic animal management; improving the lives of animals and staff. OERCA isn’t just a database, it’s a full spectrum management system with live data analysis and comprehensive group communications capabilities and more.

global access


What's more, OERCA doesn't rely on expensive and hard to learn software. OERCA is an easy-to-use web-based application that that is tailored to fit each institution, as well as each user.

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OERCA’s design offers a tremendous amount of flexibility allowing OERCA to handle everything from food inventories, veterinary records, federal facility requirements and daily animal management needs with immediate access across large or small organizations. In addition, OERCA can be used on a wide variety of devices with no special programming; including desktop computers, iPads, and even your smart phone. OERCA can go wherever you go.

Notable Benefits Include:

  • Instant and easy to understand feedback tailored for your needs.
  • Extreme flexibility for use on a wide variety of devices.
  • Unlike other management systems, OERCA is specifically designed for use in the field.
  • OERCA is a complete "all-in-one" total management and communications system.
  • Automatic tailored updates sent to managers or other designated personnel.
  • Ability to access information from anywhere through our secured server.
  • Data is stored remotely through secured connection to OERCA and protected via multiple backup systems and duplicate server operations achieving 99.99% uptime performance.


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